Cadillac will introduce an electric-powered SUV model in April

Cadillac sẽ giới thiệu mẫu SUV dùng động cơ điện vào tháng 4 tới

After a while introducing clips of his first electric-powered SUV. American car company Cadillac has just launched information will officially introduce to home market in April here.

After releasing a teaser teaser for its first electric car last year, GM representatives recently confirmed a realistic model for their first electric crossover in April at the Detroit Auto Show. 2019 (US).

In addition, American carmaker Cadillac has revealed a small electric crossover of the company after the launch of the new XT6 earlier. All in just a few photos assembled into a teaser, even Cadillac has not given this electric car a name yet. So far has.

Cadillac sẽ giới thiệu mẫu SUV dùng động cơ điện vào tháng 4 tới

According to Autoweek, chairman of General Motors Group (GM) Mark Reuss has confirmed to the media that his first electric crossover will debut in April this year. The car was originally planned to be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Conference in January January, but has been delayed and likely to debut at the upcoming New York Auto Show.

This electric crossover is a major turning point for Cadillac, marking a strong commitment from a traditional supplier of internal combustion engine cars to the green energy race. The car is also expected a lot by the contribution of the parent company GM.

Cadillac sẽ giới thiệu mẫu SUV dùng động cơ điện vào tháng 4 tới

The electric car has a very different design than the Hybrid version of the ELR, which has not been very successful in recent years. The electric vehicle will use a highly flexible skateboard platform, allowing it and other GM brands to produce a variety of electric vehicles with different power levels and drive configurations. front, rear or all-wheel drive.

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Cadillac’s new electric crossover is equipped with high-level autonomous features, including “Guardian Mode”. At least the car will drive automatically at level 4, can control most functions in certain conditions without driver intervention.

Like other rivals such as the Tesla Cyber ​​Truck, Cadillac offers the option of 1 engine, 2 engines and 3 engines on its electric vehicles compatible with different capacities and a battery pack capable of operating in distances equal to or greater than those previously launched.

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