Vietnamese ‘giant’ bread

In a recent article, Odditycentral has an article introducing giant breads that are meters long and specialties of An Giang, Vietnam.

According to the share of the article, before that, these giant giant breads were once voted as one of the strangest dishes in the world by Brightside news website.

When the images are shared on social networks, there are even people who are skeptical that they are photoshop products or choose certain angles to create the illusion to “they are much bigger than a normal loaf of bread”.

But not long after that, when the media became more known, soon the world learned about giant bread in An Giang province.


Those are at least one meter long cakes with a weight of not less than 3 kg. They are usually wrapped in large plastic bags, attracting visitors by the delicious taste as appealing. It is the typical aroma of milk, flour, a little greasy from butter, and sometimes sprinkled on top of sesame seeds to increase the taste.

The article said that, interestingly, these giant loaves are not traditional local specialties, but the “spiritual product” of a baker here.

Earlier, this mechanic tried to make a giant cake in his spare time. To make the product, bakers take 6 hours continuously with all stages from mixing dough, se cake until baking. Word spread far away, later began to ask customers to buy. Then gradually, tourists discovered the unique cakes to buy as gifts.


Today, the meter-long cakes in An Giang are classified as “memorable” in Vietnam, also an interesting symbol easily identifiable when coming to the land of the Mekong Delta.

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